In the words of the fallen hero Nelson Mandela; he once reminded us that


The DISC/ELIMU education program has been in existence for the last three years. The program partnership with the objective of education for all has seen 96 beneficiaries access education. This is a great milestone. Out of all children in Kenya about 85 percent attend primary school. 75 percent of those who complete primary education proceed to secondary schools and 60 percent of those who complete secondary school proceed to higher institutions of education which include business and vocational institutions, national polytechnics, public and private universities within the country .To strengthen our cooperation and bridge the gap in transition rates. An invitation to Germany in the month of October/November, realised a workshop with a culmination of ELIMU/DISC strategy paper for 2014 education for 48 beneficiaries will access school fees and school supplies with an intention to look into a possibility of coming up with Education centre in Donyo. The visit not only centered on the cooperation but was also a cultural learning experience for me as a person. I have come back in Kenya with alot of impressions. I must confess I was at one point overwhelmed. I will forever appreciate how efficient rail transport can ease the never ending traffic problems in our roads, youth attitudes in terms of doing jobs to fund their education, the preservation of pre-historic houses and materials and monuments and not to forget the experience of travelling with the ICE BAHN. This will forever remain embedded in my memories. With me also I take home some negative impression that I also  I learnt. Visiting Berlin at Moa park, I came across several Africans whom for some reasons felt that Africa is no longer safe for them this still and will still disturb me, the food was a constant challenge and will never forget the I used ladies toilet.

I am so proud I was given this chance to shape my perspective of Europe from a real situation. Today I join my friends to be an ambassador that Germany is not a place of plenty Money as its ignorantly portrayed in some quarters rather its a nation where most citizens are working very hard for nation building and sacrificing there hard earned resources for the better of our brothers and sisters in Kenya.